PEP Inspire Inc is . . .

A Pennsylvania corporation that was formed by David Richmond and his wife Roxanne Ferguson in 2019 to develop and market the PEP app.

The idea for the PEP app was conceived by David while enrolled in an online Business Communications class at Lackawanna College during the spring of 2019. The PEP project was developed and submitted as a group class assignment. As he worked on the various stages of the assignment, he became convinced there was a great need for an app like this in the marketplace.

The app is designed to provide relevant information and inspiration to individuals struggling with anxiety and depression.


A World Without Chronic Depression.




Eliminate chronic depression

To eliminate chronic depression by providing inspiration, encouragement, and access to relevant information in a digital format at no cost to anyone with a smartphone and internet access.

Core Values


We care deeply and want to help the millions of people suffering from chronic depression achieve the life of their dreams.

Dissemination Of Knowledge

We believe that having access to relevant knowledge is important to solving life’s problems and seek to provide access to such knowledge in digital format accessible to everyone who has the tools to access it.


In all our interactions and business dealings we seek to behave in a manner that pleases God, the one to whom we owe our highest allegiance.


Human Dignity

We believe human beings have intrinsic value because they were created in the image of God and strive to convey this fact through our words and actions.



We constantly strive to achieve excellence in all we do and in the services we provide to those we serve.


We believe that the pursuit and discovery of truth are essential for a stable, balanced, meaningful and happy life. To this end, we seek to communicate information that we deem to be true and provide access to sources that in our estimation value truth.


We constantly strive to achieve excellence in all we do and in the services we provide to those we serve.

PEP is a free app that is designed to help people struggling with depression by sending a carefully crafted and professionally developed video message to the smartphone of subscribers each day.

These short messages are designed to provide useful information, motivation and encouragement with the goal of interrupting and changing the negative and destructive thought patterns common among those who struggle with depression.

Compassion, Human dignity, Dissemination of knowledge, Truth, Integrity and Excellence are our Core Values.