As human beings, we were created for relationships with God and with other human beings. When we are whole and healthy, and our relationships are intact we feel good about life and about ourselves.

On the other hand, when our relationships with others are fractured and when we are isolated from others our feelings about ourselves tend to diminish. In many cases, this leads to depression and in other cases, depression causes a deterioration in our relationship with others.

The PEP Inspire Inc website provides access to messages that address issues such as mastering emotions and forgiveness. The goal is to introduce ideas to visitors and those who listen to the video messages, in the hope that they would take actions and make decisions that would help them become emotionally whole and healthy people.

Relationships are strengthened and become more meaningful and beneficial when those involved are emotionally whole and healthy. Cultivating healthy relationships with family, friends, and others is a cure for depression and help us avoid depression.